Caldicott Guardian training designed to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the the Caldicott Guardian Principles, National Data Guardian’s Data Security Standards, NHS Information Governance best practices, confidentiality and data protection laws, and importantly how they apply to you in your role as Caldicott Guardian. In an area of data protection law and clinical practice that is ever evolving, making balanced decisions to share data whilst maintaining confidentiality can be quite challenging. This must be underpinned by robust strategies and clear procedures that are necessary to ensure that the function is adequately resourced and effectively managed We provide clear, concise and engaging training experiences that enables Caldicott Guardians to not only successfully fulfill the function, but to make complex decisions with confidence.

Patient Centred Caldicott Guardian Training

Placing the patient at the centre of all decisions concerning confidentiality and data sharing is the key to successfully discharging your responsibilities as a Caldicott Guardian.

As a Caldicott Guardian you act as the ‘conscience’ of your organisation and will need to be in a position to provide expert advice that enables the organisations to make the decisions that are in the patient’s best interests.

Our experience has taught us that the most challenging decisions for Caldicott Guardians are those where there are either grey areas or gaps in the law, and/or a lack of clear guidance to help inform effective decision making.

We will take you through real case studies that will help you to understand better how to make decisions that satisfy the law, whilst adhering to best clinical practice.

Bespoke Caldicott Guardian Training

Each and every organisation works in a different way and vary widely in terms of size and complexity, we therefore tailor our training to suit the needs of each Caldicott Guardian.

Whether you are new to the role and need a complete package that will are you with all of the knowledge that you need in order to be successful in the role, or are experienced in the role and need a simple refresher to bring you up to speed with the current law and best practice recommendations we will design the best package that will meet your requirements.


Your Key Caldicott Guardian Training Learning Outcomes include:

  • Knowing how to apply the Caldicott Guardian principals in a wide variety of Health & Social Care settings

  • Knowing real-world clinical scenarios of when the duty to share patient data overrides the duty of confidentiaity

  • Being a more confident in your role as Caldicott Guardian

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