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IG-Smart Ltd.’s Cyber Security Consultants provide you with much more than simplified cyber security consultancy services. From conducting Cyber Security Audits, and Maturity and Vulnerability assessments to delivering engaging cyber security training online. To supporting your organisation in achieving Cyber Essentials Certification, and ISO 27001 Certification, and complying with industry specific standards like the NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit (NHS DSP Toolkit).

Our Cyber Security Consultants working closely with you to identify your organisations requirements, strategic objectives, and cyber security risks. Providing strategic cyber security advisory and hands-on support to implementing pragmatic controls to help your organisation to keep its critical assets safe from cyber-attacks, and to ensure that its strategies, plans, programmes, projects, processes, systems, and technologies are designed and delivered in a cyber resilient manner. Enabling your business to focus on being innovative and achieving its strategic objectives in a cyber secure manner.

Whatever your organisations cyber security requirements are, or whatever cyber security threats you face, we have yet to face a cyber security challenge we’ve not been able to rise to. Learn why leading brands trust IG-Smart Ltd.’s Cyber Security Consultancy services by reading our Cyber Security Consultancy Case Studies and Testimonials here, which are summarised below for ease of your reference.

Why Leading Brands Trust IG-Smart Ltd.’s Cyber Security Consultants

Leading brands say they retain and trust our cyber security consultancy, cyber security training courses, Cyber Essentials Certification, NHS DSP Toolkit Compliance, and ISO 27001 Certification services for a number of reasons, including:

  • We do a “fantastic job” at taking “the time to truly understand our [clients’] business before providing concise, pragmatic and expert level advice”. Saving “time and money”. – Jigsaw Technology Ltd.’s Managing Director, Stephan Scanlan
  • The reports we writeare “accurate, easy to follow, easy to work with and at the same time intuitive; a desirable balance that anyone would wish for on such a rigorous subject.” – Paul UK’s Head of IT and Data Protection Manager, Felix Pelegrino 
  • We provide insight that helps them shape and focustheir NHS Data Protection and Security Toolkit (DSP Toolkit) compliance submissions. – Learn more about what UCL’s Head of Information Governance & Security, Trevor Peacock has to say about his experience of working with IG-Smart Ltd.
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Pragmatic Cyber Security Consultants Focused On Innovation & Growth

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Because cyber security is such a highly complex area, it is important you receive cyber security advice that is not. Our cyber security consultancy services are designed to simplify cyber security for your organisation. Providing you with accurate, clear, and concise cyber security consultancy advice to help your organisation to make informed product and service development, digital transformation, cyber security risk management, and change management decisions.

Our cyber security consultants empower you to understand the specific cyber security threats that impact your organisation and its products, services, systems, data, underlying infrastructure and support you in implementing pragmatic controls to mitigate risks that may impact your organisation critical assets.

Highly Qualified, Certified, and Experience Cyber Security Consultants

IG-Smart Ltd.’s cyber security consultancy services have been designed by our Cyber Security Consultants to simplify cyber security for your organisation. Leaning heavily on their experience of enabling countries, global enterprises, small businesses, and start-ups alike to mitigate their critical cyber security risks

Our Cyber Security Consultants possess a wide range of cyber security qualifications, certifications, and accreditations, including Certified Cyber Security Professionals, Cloud Security Professionals, Ethical Hackers, and Information Security Professionals, Lead ISO 27001 Implementor, Lead ISO 27001 Auditor, MSc, and PhD.

They have experience of working across all sectors and most industries, including industries where cyber security is of paramount importance – including the National Centre for Cyber Security, Ministry of Defence, Department of Health & Social Care, NHSx, BAE Applied Systems Intelligence, Glenmark Global Pharmaceuticals, and Greengage (Digital Asset Management Bank). To name but a few.

Contact us to arrange to speak to one of or Cyber Security Consultants about your organisation’s cyber security requirements or Request Your Proposal.

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