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GDPR COVID workplace guidance developed by IG-Smart Ltd to help you understand the privacy and data protection safeguards you and your colleagues need to have in place in order to use personal data (including data concerning health) to return to work as Covid-19 ‘lockdown’ restrictions are eased and businesses return to a new normal. It has been created based upon questions we have been asked from clients of ours that have started to get their employees safely back to work on site and issues we have helped clients to resolve that have arisen since the Covid-19 outbreak.

We will be updating this guidance as COVID-19 and data protection challenges evolve to cover, contact tracing, vaccinations etc.

IG-Smart Ltd’s GDPR COVID Workplace Guidance will cover: 

  • The lawful basis or bases your organisation may be able to rely upon to use personal data and special category about employees, contractors, and visitors COVID-19 status in order to return to work safely.
  • Key data privacy and protection considerations that need to be taken into account, and safeguards that need to be implemented, before and when you process COVID-19 data that identify individuals.
  • The use of thermal imaging technology to determine COVID-19 status, in compliance with privacy and data protection laws.

IG-Smart Ltd’s GDPR COVID Workplace Guidance is ideal for:

  • Business owners, CEOs, MDs, COOs, CIOs and Directors
  • Heads of Depatment
  • Legal Counsel, Data Protection Officers and Information Governance Managers.
  • HR, IT & Compliance Managers.

Download your free  GDPR COVID Workplace Guidance here:

IG-Smart Ltd_COVID-19 Return To Work Guidance_v1.0


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