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IG-Smart Ltd’s Penetration Testing Services are designed by our multidisciplinary team of Certified Ethical Hackers, Cyber Security Professionals, Cloud Security Professionals, Information Security Professionals, ISO 27001 Lead Implementors, and ISO 27001 Lead  Auditors to support businesses of all sizes in improving their  information security and cybersecurity resilience. One of the best ways to achieve this is by approaching cyber security consultants that provide penetration testing services. This enables you to see how vulnerable your systems are and how serious a risk this poses to your business. Our penetration testers provide an expert mobile application penetration testing service, AWS penetration testing, web application penetration testing, and network penetration testing services. Providing you with a single source for penetration testing, cyber security consultancy, and ISO 27001 Certification. But what does penetration testing involve and what steps should you take after the testing is complete?

The Steps Pen Testing Companies Take To Test And Improve Your Security

Checking for vulnerabilities in your networks is the first necessary step in any attempt to improve security and mitigate threats in the future. To do this, good penetration testing companies will first customise the tools they have at their disposal to meet the specific needs of your organisation. This allows them to look for threats that would specifically impact upon your business. Each test they carry out focuses initially on high-risk vulnerabilities. Then, if none are found, the tester looks for medium-risk vulnerabilities which could still have a major negative impact on your business. Through this testing, you will be able to see exactly what information a hacker would be able to access if they were to breach your systems. Security penetration testing companies can then analyse this information to understand the real risk of a potential breach in your security. For example, the information the hacker may reach may be critical, but the risk of them getting into that system may be minimal; so the overall risk is medium to low.

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What Happens Next With Our Penetration Testing Services

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Once you have been made aware of the vulnerabilities in your systems and the risk that these vulnerabilities pose if they were to be exploited, you need to move onto the next step. Network penetration testing companies and mobile application penetration testing service providers will work with you to provide the information and training. This may involve everything from improving the security systems you have in place to assessing your policies and procedures. This could include your data collections policies, your firewalls, and ensuring that staff only have the network access that their job requires. As well as improving the safety and security of your networks, the top network security penetration testing companies will work with you to improve your approach to digital working, helping you make it run more effectively for your company and to reach your goals. Finally, your chosen penetration testing company supports you going forward, including planning for periodic testing, policy review and investigation of potential data breaches.

Why IG Smart Ltd's Penetration Testing Service Stands Out

IG Smart Ltd is one of the top ISO 27001 penetration testing services companies because of the combined expertise of our Certified Information Security Professionals and Certified Ethical Hackers, and leading-edge defence industry standard cybersecurity threat intelligence solutions. We aim to improve your security; ensure compliance with the latest data and privacy laws; and support you in improving how you interact with the digital world. Request your ISO 27001 Penetration Testing Service Proposal Now.

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