DPO Services for Fintech

dpo services for fintech

DPO Services for Fintech

DPO services for Fintech and the Financial services industry, delivered by the UK’s “GDPR Consultancy of the Year” 2020 and 2021, and “Best Cyber Security Consultancy” 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Our Client

Greengage is a Digital Merchant Banking startup that is poised to “deliver next-generation merchant banking solutions to the underserved fintech, digital and SME sector, by re-establishing the historic and trusted connection between bank and client to promote dynamic and sustained future growth.” They are currently in the process of building and “industry-leading digital banking platform” using leading-edge technologies, which enables them to “facilitate cost-effective transactions within and across traditional fiat currency and digital assets – all to the highest globally-established standards of compliance and security.” In parallel, they are applying to the  Prudential Regulation Authority to obtain a full UK banking license. Greengages‘s existing unregulated business lines include digital assets lending and OTC, as well as a family office platform, Quince Capital.

Our Challenge

IG-Smart Ltd has been chosen by Greengage as its trusted partner to provide subject matter expert advice and support to help enable them to achieve their proactive mission of ensuring that their business model and merchant banking solutions they are in the process of developing are designed and delivered in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation and UK Data Protection Act 2018. Enshrining GDPR mandated requirement of Data protection by design and by default into all systems, processes, and technologies from the outset.

Our Solution 

We provide Greengage with our comprehensive DPO services offering, which has been tailored to suit their exacting requirements. Enabling them to access onsite and virtual strategic and operational advice, support and training, from highly experienced and qualified Data Protection Officers, as well as IG-Smart Ltd’s wider-team of Cyber Security and Information Governance subject matter experts, as and when they need it.

Client Testimonial

Here is what Greengage‘s CEO, Sean Kiernan has to say about IG-Smart Ltd:

The well-measured advice, support, and training that IG-Smart Ltd’s subject matter experts provide the team at Greengage enables us to ensure that we take the proactive steps necessary to embed stringent measures and robust controls into the fabric of our businesses and solutions, which are aligned squarely with not only the law and regulatory requirements, but also our strategic objective of ensuring that we go above and beyond to align ourselves with international and industry-specific best practices.

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