Cyber Essentials Certification & NHS DSP Toolkit Compliance

Addvanced’s GDPR NHS DSP Toolkit Compliance & Data Protection Officer need

Addvanced Solutions is a small community network based in Liverpool that “equips and empowers children, young people and their families living with neurodevelopmental conditions, learning difficulties and associated mental health needs”. Addvanced necessarily process personal data to empower the children, young people, and families that they work with. Much of the data are sensitive data that are governed by the strict provisions of the Mental Health Act, UK Data Protection Act 2018. Addvanced is commissioned by NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups and therefore also has duty to comply NHS mandatory best practices like the NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit (NHS DSP Toolkit).

IG-Smart Ltd’s NHS DSP Toolkit and Outsourced DPO Services solution

Addvanced Solutions, initially, approached IG Smart Ltd for advice and support to enable them to achieve GDPR compliance and compliance with the NHS Data Security & Protection Toolkit (DS&PT).

Our Pragmatic DSP Toolkit & GDPR Compliance Approach

To achieve those aims, we first conducted a detailed gap analysis, discovering that Addvanced Solutions already had some excellent procedures and processes in place for respecting and protecting personal data and their general approach to Information Governance was highly commendable.

Making our job of helping Addvanced to fine-tune their processes to ensure alignment with recent changes in the law and NHS best practice, and documenting/amending their policy documentation, relatively straightforward.

The one thing we did not have on our side was time, as we were working towards a very tight deadline to ensure Addvanced were fully compliant with the NHS DSP Toolkit by the 31st March 2018. So we worked closely with the dedicated team at Addvanced (over some long days/ nights and a weekend) to ensure that they met the requirements in a timely manner.

Our Shared Success – DSPT Compliant & Cyber Essentials Certified

Addvanced Solutions have now got a full grip of the recent changes in legislation and are fully compliant with the NHS DSP Toolkit, and continue to deliver first class services to the young people and families that they inspiringly serve.

Following our successful delivering of Addvanced Solutions GDPR Compliance Implementation Programme, and enablement of their GDPR NHS DSP Toolkit compliance, Addvanced have retained IG-Smart Ltd on an ongoing basis to provide our outsourced Data Protection Officer – DPO Services (DPOaaS). We have also enabled Addvanced to achieve Cyber Essentials Certification, and pass their first Annual Cyber Essentials Certification re-assessment, which has been approved by IASME – the Cyber Essentials accrediting body.

This is what Addvanced’s Director of Quality and Standards, Louise Hankinson, had to say about the IG Smart Ltd team:

We feel we have found our ‘IG Partner’ in IG Smart. It is a pleasure to work with Michael and the team and we have received an outstanding service. The support we have received has allowed us to learn and to strengthen and develop the organisation. As the organisation grows, we look forward to working with IG Smart as our trusted IG Partner.

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