NHS Information Governance

NHS information governance training and guidance materials designed by IG Smart to be clear, concise and engaging enough to enable staff to understand and confidently discharge their data handling responsibilities. Potentially reducing significantly one of the most widely reported reasons for information governance and clinical risks.

Clinicians are heavily reliant upon having access to accurate and up to data information in order to make effective clinical decisions, and corporate staff are reliant on the same to plan and manage sustainable services. Lax security controls can lead to reduced data integrity, and ultimately to a lack of availability of important information, at what may be a critical point in a patient’s care pathway or organisational management process.

The absence of robust information governance policies and procedures can lead to patient harm and in the worst case scenarios fatalities. Moreover, poor data quality can result in the loss of significant income as a result of Commissioner payment by results challenges. NHS Information Governance training is not therefore, just about preventing security and confidentiality breaches by restricting access to information. It is about ensuring staff keep accurate, up to date records and empowering staff to share information with the right people at the right time, in order to affect excellent care delivery (which the organisation gets paid for without challenge).

For Health & Social care organisations the consequences of not having adequate private or NHS Information Governance training in place can be even more dire. Consider the impact that inaccurate data can have on patient care. Poor data quality can lead to patients having had the wrong organs transplanted, the wrong limbs removed, the wrong dosage/type of drug prescribed. It can also result in organisations loosing millions of pounds to payment by results challenges, since healthcare commissioners use data quality indicators to determine the amount of money that healthcare providers are entitled to be paid.

IG Smart helps organisations of all shapes and sizes to navigate their way through the myriad of data protection laws in order to enable better staff awareness, and ensure organisational compliance through effective Data Protection Training. We have managed data breach incidents in enough Hospitals, Local Authorities, and businesses to know what risks and signs to look out for in order to help organisations proactively embed pragmatic and proportionate controls to help prevent breaches. We have learned over the years that the vast majority of data breaches can be relatively easily prevented through adequate staff training, clear and concise policy and the effective implementation of physical and technical information security controls.


IG Smart have provided us with quality subject matter experts surrounding GDPR and Privacy risk based analysis and remediation; supplying qualified senior information security and experienced DPO and specialists.

Dan West

Global CIO – Aimia ILS

It is my pleasure to recommend the consultancy and resourcing services of IG Smart Ltd. The company offers top-notch quality service and across the board we have been pleased with their work. One project in particular illustrates their attention to detail and concern for quality, which was the assistance and successful submission of our IG Toolkit for 2015-2016. I strongly recommend the services of the company and I am looking forward to working with them again on future projects or recruitment needs.

Marion Wilson

General Manager – The Centre for Reproductive & Genetic Health

We found the experience of working with IG Smart very reassuring. From the get go we were confident you could support the work we do in the University, and improve our information governance processes when faced with new challenges. You were always responsive, easy to work with, and proactive, I would certainly recommend your services.

Lorraine Shaw

Liverpool John Moores University

Completing the Information Governance Toolkit for the first time is a daunting task. IG Smart worked alongside us to audit our practice, prepare our evidence, identify gaps and build an action plan to enable us to become level 2 compliant, which we achieved (with a lot of hard work!) in under two months. The knowledge, experience and good humor of the team at IG Smart meant this was a manageable and ultimately very worthwhile process.

David Pratt

Director of Strategy & Business Development – The Myton Hospices


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