Data Flow Mapping Workshop

 Understand the privacy and security risks to which your data are exposed whilst in transit.



In the digital age, even the smallest of organisations process huge volumes of sensitive data. Enhancing the data protection risks to which organisations are exposed.

One of the keys to mitigating such risks is to identify exactly what personal and/or sensitive data goes where and who (and what in the case of automated systems) has access to it.

Data flow mapping exercises are a really useful and cost efficient means of assessing movement of personal and sensitive data. What’s more they help you to identify many of the security and privacy risks to which your data are exposed, whilst in transit – which if left unmitigated are likely to result in data breaches.

The challenge is that very few organisations understand exactly what personal and sensitive data comes into their organistion, how such data moves around within the organistion, and how it gets out (or not get out when it should).
IG Smart’s Data Flow Mapping Workshop is designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge required to effectively map the flows of your organisations personal and sensitive data.

Workshop outcomes

• A completed organisation wide data flow map which will illustrate how personal and sensitive data moves into, around and out of your organisation.

• A report highlighting all identify risks to which your data may be exposed and detailing the recommended best practices, which if effectively implemented will help you to mitigate risks your organisation may face. Please note that we will furnish you with the full written report within 7 days of the workshop.

The price quoted below is for a full one day data flow mapping workshop, hosted on your organisations premises. In most cases one day should allow enough time for us to help you map all of your organisations critical data flows, providing that the right people within your organistion participate in the workshop (typically general managers, service managers, records managers and IT managers).

Please contact our training programme manager to obtain a quotation if your organisation is particularly large and/or complex (as one day may not suffice), and also if you require us to host the workshop, as additional charges will apply.


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