Data Protection Compliance Assessment

An in-depth assessment of your organisations compliance with current data protection laws and international best practices.

Prices will vary dependent upon the size of your organisation, and the nature and complexity of the personal and sensitive data it processes.
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Data protection compliance can be a complex challenge for organisations that fail to adopt a pragmatic risk-based approach towards it.

Understanding the specific data protection risks to which your organistion is exposed, not only enables you to take decisive action to mitigate data protection risks, it can also save you time, money and stress.

We will conduct a robust review your organisations current practices in terms of data protection compliance, highlighting any gaps, and making clear and pragmatic recommendations to mitigate risks, in proportion to the threat they pose.

The data protection compliance assessment will review your existing:

Access & Identity Management controls
Audit & monitoring controls
Contracts with third party processors
Data protection policies
Data protection training materials
Network & Infrastructure security controls
System level security controls


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