Data Protection Training for staff

Contextualized and engaging data protection training that empowers your staff to confidently discharge their data protection responsibilities



IG Smart’s data protection training for staff package is designed to not only help enable you to assure data protection compliance, but also to empower your staff to use personal and sensitive data to achieve business as usual and strategic objectives.

Let’s face it – most employees do not find data protection to be the most interesting subject. That’s why we have spent years fine tuning our training services to ensure that they are as engaging and contextualized as possible.

As part of this data protection training for staff package we conduct an organisation wide training needs analysis to ensure that the training is tailored to meet the exacting needs of your organisation and its staff.

The data protection training for staff package will cover the existing Data Protection Act 1998 as well as the likely impacts of the incoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This particular data protection training package is designed for organiations with 100 employees or less. The price below is based upon a unit of up to 10 employees.

Organisations with more than 50 employees are encouraged to call our training programme manager on 020 3824 2426 to discuss a more tailored quotation


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