GDPR Course


This 1 day GDPR Course empowers you to understand the fundamental principles and requirements of the GDPR.



GDPR Training Course

Why should you attend?

By attending IG Smart Ltd.’s GDPR Course you will gain an overview of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and an understanding of the GDPR rights, GDPR risks and GDPR compliance best practices that all organisations that process personal data need to be aware of. You will gain real-world insights into how a wide variety of leading brands and trusted insitutions have effectively embedded GDPR compliance into their business as usual practices.

Who should attend?
  • Small to medium sized business owners (and start-ups)
  • Senior Managers (HR, Marketing, IT, Customer Services, Finance, etc.)
  • Senior Information Risk Owners
  • Data Protection Officers
  • Heads of Compliance & Legal
  • Information Governance & Security Managers
  • Digital Transformation Programme Leads
  • Data Sharing Programme Leads
  • IT Solutions Developers
  • Health & Social Professionals & Caldicott Guardians
  • Legal & Crime Enforcement Professionals
  • Head Teachers & Safeguarding Leads
  • Academic Researchers & Students
Learning objectives
  • Know the rights that the GDPR confers on individuals
  • Understand the new requirements that the General Data Protection Regulation brings for EU organisations and non-EU organisations (including Data Controller and Data Processors responsibilities
  • Gain the ability to proactively identify and mitigate GDPR risks
  • Learn the best practices that can be effectively implemented to ensure GDPR compliance
Key information
  • 1 classroom based training day
  • No training prerequisites
  • Enquiry about accessible classrooms

4 reviews for GDPR Course

  1. Tor-Ståle Hansen

    I’m happy to announce that the exam is passed and I am evaluated and found worthy the title CDPO (Certified Data Protection Officer) for the next three years. I would like to thank Michael Abtar – CEO IG Smart for a well-conducted and insightful course.

  2. Håkan Andersson

    Today I got the Certificate from PECB! I am officially an approved and Certified Data Protection Officer. Thank you Michael Abtar – CEO IG Smart for delivering a very good training!

  3. Michael Feighan

    From limited knowledge of the expectations of GDPR the Certified Data Protection Officer course delivered by IG Smart took me with ease to a greater level of understanding and confidence.

  4. Steve Richards

    I would highly recommend IG Smart’s GDPR training courses. The ability to take a subject matter that albeit important, can often be dry, and bring this to life in a way that is easy to learn from is absolutely unique in my experience of training providers

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