Simplifying Privacy & Security for Healthcare Technology


Gain deep case study-based insights into the Information Governance, Cybersecurity and  GDPR Compliance best practices that have been adopted across the entire UK healthcare spectrum to design, develop and deliver compliant and secure digital health innovations and transformations.



Simplifying Data Privacy & Security for Healthcare Technology Seminar – 22nd April in Central London

Know how to develop & implement compliant healthcare technology solutions
Gain case study-based deep insights

Gain deep case study-based insights into the best practices that have been adopted across the entire UK healthcare spectrum, to develop, deliver and sustain GDPR/NHS IG compliant and cyber resilient digital health innovations and transformations. Here are just a few of our case studies, to give you a sense of some of the success stories that we will share lessons from.

Unleash limitless opportunities

From AI and Automation, to Machine Learning and Robotics, leading-edge technologies are continuing to revolutionise the way that healthcare services are being delivered and managed. Benefiting patients, providers and commissioners alike, by enabling the right people to have access to the right information at the right time. Empowering effective clinical and corporate decisions – at speeds and volumes, never seen before. Enabling information sharing and multi-disciplinary ways of working, thereby closing gaps and preventing overlaps in care.

Creating huge growth opportunities for Health Tech firms (particularly, for those that have what it takes to stand up to stringent procurement requirements and increased regulatory scrutiny). Not to mention significant efficiency gains for healthcare commissioners and providers.

The Triple Threat: A GDPR/Cybersecurity/NHS IG triple whammy!

Three of the primary challenges that healthcare organisations, Health Tech firms and health research institutions face when developing, delivering sustainable digital innovations and transformations are:

  • Ensuring that patients privacy rights are respected and the requirements of the GDPR are met.
  • Keeping patient information secure from evolving and increasingly malicious cybersecurity threats – which we are afraid to say, are here to stay!
  • Meeting the detailed (and sometimes quite onerous) minimum Information Governance requirements (eg Data Security & Protection Toolkit, National Data Guardians Data Security Standards, Cyber Essentials etc.) for processing patient data that are mandated by the NHS (and increasingly by the private and third sectors).
Learning lessons from problems solved

During the Seminar, we will share some of our learnings from over 10 years of experience of helping leading healthcare organisations and technology firms to implement Health Tech solutions that are fully compliant with EU, UK and where necessary international data protection laws and cyber resilient.

You will learn tried and tested organisational, people-based and technological control measures you can implement, which can help you to ensure that you develop and deliver healthcare technology solutions (for primary and secondary care purposes).

IG Smart Ltd’s tried and tested approach

Since our establishment in 2009, we have enabled healthcare organisations and health tech firms from across the entire healthcare spectrum to implement digital innovations and transformations that are fully compliant with NHS mandated Information Governance best practice standards (like the Data Security & Protection Toolkit and Caldicott Principles), and the General Data Protection Regulation. And when it comes to Cybersecurity, we have been awarded the UK Enterprise Award for “Best Cybersecurity Consultancy Firm 2019”.

Here are just some of the healthcare organisations, healthcare tech firms and healthcare research institutions that we have had the greatest pleasure of working with over our 10 year history:

  • Department of Health
  • NHS England
  • Microsoft
  • Google/Verily
  • National Institute for Health Research
  • University College London Hospitals
  • University College London
  • Imperial Healthcare Partners
  • The Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust
  • Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust
  • Hearst Health International
  • Medicalchain
  • Cognetivity
  • St. Joseph’s Hospice
  • The Myton Hospices
  • Shakespeare Hospice
  • 100’s of nationwide Clinical Commissioning Groups, Commissioning Support Units, GP Practices, Pharmacies, Children & Adult Mental Health Services, Charities, Care Homes and Voluntary Sector organisations
About the instructor: the guy that makes IG simple

The seminar will be led by IG Smart Ltd.’s Managing Director and Principal Consultant, Michael Abtar. Michael has worked as an Information Governance consultant in complex health and social care environs for over 12 years (having previously worked as a lawyer across the South East of England – including in the Royal Courts of Justice and the “Old Bailey”). His knowledge of the interfaces between EU & UK Data Protection law, NHS Policy and healthcare technology is respected by international peers (having worked across 4 continents). Not only implementing national policies, but helping to set them – for example, Michael is the author of NHS England’s Privacy by Design Framework and previously helped establish and manage the Information Governance gateway process for approving all of NHS Englands national publications.

He is a frequent keynote speaker and moderator at international data protection conferences – often sharing the stage and delivering workshops with leaders from the world of data protection, including the UK Information Commissioner and Head of Enforcement, UN Privacy Rapporteur, and numerous global & regional VPs and Heads of Corporate Affairs, Policy and Strategy from Google, Microsoft and Facebook. He is the former Co-Chair of NHS London’s Information Governance Forum, Chair of the Freedom of Information Forum and Senior Advisor to NHS England’s Chief Data Officer, Head of Information Governance and Data Sharing & Privacy Unit.


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