What is an ISO 27001 internal audit?

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ISO 27001 internal audit explained

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What is an ISO 27001 internal audit?

An ISO 2700 internal audit is a detailed assessment and analysis of an organisation’s conformity with the internationally recognised ISO/IEC 27001 INFORMATION SECURITY MANAGEMENT standard (ISO 27001). The ISO internal audit consists of a lead ISO 27001 internal auditor conducting a comprehensive review of an organisations Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Internal audits form an essential part of the ISO 27001 certification process. Organisations cannot achieve or maintain ISO 27001 Certification without conducting internal audits. Organisations may choose to conduct their own internal audit, or to contract an accredited Lead ISO 27001 Auditor to do so.

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ISO 27001 internal audit report

The ISO 27001 internal auditor will highlight, in an ISO 27001 internal audit report, any conformities and non-conformities with ISO 27001 that may be identified during the ISO 27001 internal audit process. Stipulating any actions, the organisation may need to take, to ensure conformity with ISO 27001.

The ISO 27001 internal audit report will specify whether any of the non-conformities that may be identified are major, or minor. The ISO 27001 internal auditor may also highlight areas for improvement within the ISO 27001 internal audit report. If an organisations ISO 27001 audit report highlights a single major non-conformity, the organisation will fail its ISO 27001 audit.

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ISO 27001 Internal Audit Corrective and Preventative Action Plan

The organisation will need to review its ISO 27001 internal audit report and create a Corrective and Preventative Action Plan (CPAP), which should determine the actions that the organisation will take to address any minor or major non-conformities.

Once the organisation believes it has effectively implemented its CPAP, it should repeat the ISO 27001 internal audit process to establish whether the corrective and preventative actions have been appropriately addressed.

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