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Cyber Security Audit Services & Security Assessment Services

Independent Cyber Security Audit Services

Having an independent cyber security audit services provider conduct routine audits and cyber security assessments are undoubtedly some of the best ways to proactively identify your organisation’s exposure to internal and external cyber security threats.

Provide clients and key stakeholders with cyber security assurance

Given that your organisation’s clients and partners are, no doubt, increasingly questioning your organisation’s ability to keep sensitive and personal data private and secure, providing such assurance is now essential. That is not to mention that independent cyber security audits and evidence of ISO 27001 Certification can help your organisation win business.

Obtain Your Expert Cyber Security Audit Report

Additionally, presenting clients and key stakeholders with an independent expert Cyber Security Audit Report as evidence of your organisation’s control over its cyber security risks is a great way to gain and build trust in your brand.

cyber security audit services ncsc

National Centre for Cyber Security Centre-aligned Cyber Security Audit Services

Proactively identify your organisation’s internal & external cyber security threats.

To provide your organisation with a comprehensive view of its exposure to cyber security risks, our Cyber Security Auditors use the UK Government’s National Centre for Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) 10 Steps to Cyber Security guidance framework as a baseline for our cyber security audits. Unless, of course, you have a preferred approach you require us to adopt. If you have a specific requirement, we can accommodate a wide variety of global and industry-specific best practice standards and frameworks.

Cyber Security Audit services - assessing your conformity with security best practices

iso 27001 certification services and ISO 27001 internal audit service

Global and industry-specific cyber security best practice standards

When necessary, we can also include well-established international cyber security standards and frameworks, such as ISO 27001, NIST, and OWASP Top Ten, within the scope of your cyber security audit services. To help establish your organisation’s level of conformity with such standards and enable you to obtain and maintain certifications (e.g., ISO 27001 certification). Let us know your cyber security audit service needs, and we will work closely with you to meet them.

IG-Smart Ltd’s Cyber Security Auditors have cross-industry experience & deep domain expertise

Whenever required, our Cyber Security Audits can also include industry-specific best practice standards, such as the NHS Data Security & Protection Toolkit, HIPAA risk assessment, CBEST, and the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Office of Compliance Inspections and Examination (OCIE) within scope. Our IT security and cyber security experts come from diverse backgrounds and use their deep domain expertise to help inform you throughout the cyber security audit process.

Partner with IG-Smart Ltd for independent expert Cyber Security Audit services

Highly experienced Cyber Security Auditors

IG-Smart Ltd.’s experienced Cyber Security Auditors work closely with your organisation to scope, plan, and conduct routine robust Cyber Security Audits. Including reviews of relevant strategies, policies, systems, procedures, products, vendors/suppliers, etc., where appropriate.

Independent expert opinion & clear recommendation

Ultimately, providing your organisation and its key stakeholders with IG-Smart Ltd.’s carefully considered independent expert opinion on your organisation’s level of cyber security maturity and exposure to cyber security risks. Additionally, setting clear and concise recommendations in order to empower your organisation to make informed cyber security risk management decisions.

Benefit from Cyber Security Audit services & practical support

Whenever necessary, IG-Smart can tailor your Cyber Security Audit services to provide any support your organisation may require, whether improving existing or implementing new cyber security risk management controls.

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