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GDPR Audit service designed by, IG-Smart Ltd, the UK’s GDPR Consultancy of the Year 2020 and 2021. Flexibly tailored to provide you with evidenced-based independent insights into the effectiveness of the organisational, people-based and technological controls that are in place to govern your business’s GDPR Compliance Framework and personal data processing activities.

Conducting GDPR Audits on a routine basis is one of the most effective ways to establish whether (and to what extent) your business’s existing processes conform with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Not only are GDPR audits recommended best practice, the GDPR itself mandates that orgnisations to audit and monitor their compliance with the regulations.

How our GDPR Auditors service works


gdpr audit service, gdpr auditor, gdpr compliance audit, gdpr audit services

We will work closely with you to understand your organisation’s objectives and define the full scope of the GDPR Audit. Read more


gdpr compliance audit service, gdpr auditor, gdpr auditors

We will develop and agree a GDPR Audit Framework based upon your organisation’s requirements, before we go on to conduct a detailed GDPR compliance audit. Read more


gdpr audit services, gdpr auditor, gdpr audit service

We will conduct a GDPR Audit of your organisation’s policies and procedures and conduct GDPR Audit interviews with people within your business that have key management and data processing responsibilities. Read more


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We will deliver a comprehensive GDPR Audit Report of our findings, which will contain a summary of our observations, any evidence of good practice, opportunities for improvement and clear recommendations for addressing any GDPR compliance non-conformities that may be identified. Read more

Once we have issued you with your GDPR Auditors Report, if required we will provide you with any GDPR compliance advice and support  you may need to implement GDPR compliance best practices to address any GDPR compliance risks which may be identified by the GDPR Auditor. We will be there for you every step of your GDPR compliance journey.

As well as offering formal GDPR Audits we also perform ‘mock’ audits to help you to prepare for internal or external audits. Our GDPR Audit services are complimented by our GDPR Gap Analysis, GDPR Consultancy, and ISO 27001 Audit and ISO 27001 Gap Analysis services.

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Contact us to request your GDPR audit services Proposal. Our GDPR auditors will listen carefully to what your organisations requirements are, and then clearly articulate what IG-Smart Ltd will do to enable your organisation to achieve its audit objectives.

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