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  • A dedicated Audit Manager (DAM) – your dedicated DAM from IG-Smart Ltd’s mobile network of independent records management specialists will conduct scheduled audits of your vendor’s warehouse/(s), following a mapped process of warehouses that contain the company’s records.
  • Audits include – Policy review, record testing, storage testing, report of visit, and a scorecard of each location. The DAM will also review invoicing and ensure that the right charges are being invoiced.
  • The DAM can schedule visits across the U.K. (and where necessary, internationally) to audit vendor warehouses. Some clients have records stored in multiple locations and require support to manage multiple audits.

Why outsource Records Management Audits?

Outsourcing the management of auditing and assessing records management vendors enables you to deploy well-seasoned records management specialists (that readily recognise performance issues and anomalies in records management storage) to confirm the performance of service and compliance with records retention, GDPR, and physical security best practices at their sites.

Saving your organisation time and money by:

  1. removing the need to hire or train a dedicated internal records management auditor; and
  2. identifying opportunities to reduce storage costs (e.g., conducting routine audits to ensure records that have reached their retention period are securely destroyed, and reviewing invoicing to ensure that the right charges are being levied).
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Build your resilience & evidence best practice compliance

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Regardless of the volume, mismanagement of your organisations data storage vendor/(s) is still your organisations liability. Your organisation can build resilience and evidence best practice compliance for the data it processes by being able to showcase a demonstrable roadmap for managing all locations where data is stored together with a track record of performance across the portfolio.

This data is valuable to companies for their own commercial revenue and their reputation in managing data. The RMAaaS offering allows organisations to demonstrate a best practice approach to the monitoring of vendors who manage data.

Allowing your organisation to increase the standard of assessing the performance of its data partners. This demonstrates a fundamental understanding of GDPR legislation by proactively enhancing the monitoring of records and data management vendors.

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