Dr. Bright G. Mawudor

Senior Cyber Security Consultant

Just like art, technology is a soaring exercise of human ingenuity. I have always enjoyed bringing to insight imagination through driving technology advancements that form formidable solutions to problems in society.

My career goes beyond making money. I believe it's a true expression of my passion, life purpose, and creativity. The result is that I am profoundly engaged, inquisitive, productive, and fulfilled.

Professional Expertise

With my growing expertise in information technology, I am a seasoned Cybersecurity Engineer with strong expertise in Cyber resilience strategy building, risk management adoption, vulnerability management, and system penetration testing. I have presented at over 140 Cyber Security conferences, lectured at various universities, and contributed to cybersecurity publications.


Key Competencies

  • Cyber Security Engineer for 10 years
  • Information Security
  • Web Application Security
  • Network Vulnerability Assessment
  • Corporate Governance
  • Risk Assessment & Mitigation
  • Cyber Security Training
  • FOSS Enthusiast

I capitalise lean analytical and problem-solving skills to maximise network performance through Cyber Security tools, implementing load-balancing techniques, and steering system optimisation. I am adept at streamlining processes, procedures, and conceptualising technological strategies to improve bottom-line performance, optimise system performance, productivity, and increase profitability. I have submitted bugs to organisations such as Safaricom, Zuku, and Multichoice group in the past, among many others pertaining to Cyber Security of systems.


Entrepreneurial Spirit

Coupled with my skill set is a strong entrepreneurial instinct, which I engaged to pioneer the Cyber Security collective Africahackon. An organisation that aims at nurturing talent in the Cyber Security space. Africahackon has converted over 60 professionals to practice Cybersecurity as their full-time job with the yearly conference drawing lots of professionals from across the globe and has ever since seen growth over the years.

Technical Proficiency

  • Good command of Windows Active Directory, Exchange, SQL, TCP/IP, DHCP, and DNS.

Career Milestones

  • A monumental achievement in my career was being recognised as Top 40 Under 40 Entrepreneurs 2016 in Kenya.
  • Highlighted as a Top IT Personnel in 2019 and Rocheston Academy Cyber leader in 2021 in the industry.

Professional Approach

I am a tech-savvy professional with the ability to liaise with technology developments to execute plans as well as develop strategies to increase efficiency and enhance ROI.

Dr. Bright G. Mawudor brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the role of Senior Cyber Security Consultant at IG-Smart Ltd. His passion for cybersecurity, innovation, and dedication to shaping the industry make him an invaluable asset to our team.

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